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Add New Paravane?

Enter the name of the new paravane. Use minimum 4 characters. Free text to describe your paravane setup.

Use Existing Paravane?

Select an existing paravane to measure additional depths. This field is for information only, it cannot be changed.

When to use this application?

Measure the depth your own paravanes or lures

Use this application if you want to meaure the depth your own paravanes or lures at different boat speeds and line lengths.

You can measure the depth of the same paravane several times at different conditions. That way you can create a table that you can use to estimate the depth of your paravane.

How does it work?


First you create a new paravane on the website or make additional measurements on an existing one.

You attach a Deepod to your fishing line in front of the Lure or Paravane you want to test.

Repeated tests are made with different boat speeds and line lengths and the depths are recorded. You make the tests by using a Deepod and this website.

You can later access all measured depths for your tested paravane in lists on this website.

The data can be used to estimate depths for different boat speeds and line lengths.


The Deepod needs an internet connection when it is started and also when sending data after being retrieved. Keep the WiFi connection available during the measurement.


GPS position is depending on the GPS unit in your smartphone. If you do not use a smartphone, but instead a laptop or computer the GPS position will usually not be correct.