WiFi Settings in Deepod

Wifi Settings

Enter name of WiFi hotspot.
Enter password of WiFi hotspot.

When to use this function?

Set WiFi settings in Deepod

The Deepod needs to know the name and password of your WiFi hotspot. This function helps you set it in the Deepod.

This function uses your smartphone or laptop screen to transfer the settings. Follow the instructions after your press the Load button.

It is an alternative to using the Deepod display and menu to set the name and password.

How does it work?

Go Indoors

Use a room with no direct sun light.


If the room light level is too bright the function will fail. You may have to turn off lights if they are bright.

Maximum Brightness

Adjust your laptop or smartphone screen to maximum brightness.

Power on the Deepod.

Power on the Deepod in any application mode. Go to the settings menu by pressing the joystick upward.

Hold against the computer or smartphone screen like indicated on the pictures above.

Set WiFi details via display menu.


You can also set the password and name of WiFi hotspot via the Deepod menu.

Go to the menu 'WIF'.