Trolling to the next level - with Sensoid

Measure the exact depth of your paravanes and lures.

Use our product with any combination of lure and paravane to measure the exact trolling depth.

Measure temperature and light at different depths.

See the result directly in your smartphone.

Discover our products

Deepod V1

The original Deepod unit can be used to measure any combination of paravane and lure.

It also measures temperature and light at different depths.

Deepod Replica

Deepod Replica can be used to calculate the depth of standard paravanes and lures.

Deepod Replica has the same weight and dimensions as a normal Deepod, without the measuring capabilities.

Deepod Paravane

Deepod Paravane is a depth paravane with known depth at different speeds and line lengths.

Directly scan the QR code to access the depth for your paravane.

The paravane is equipped with a release mechanism that drives it to the surface after a fish is caught.

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Here is what you can do with our products.

Measure Paravane or Lure

Use the Deepod on your fishing line to measure the depth of a paravane/lure combination.

Results are available in your smartphone for easy access.

Water Temperature Data

Lower the Deepod to the bottom to make a temperature depth profile.

Look at graphical results in your smartphone.

Depth of Standard Lures

Use the Deepod Replica directly on the fishing line with a standard lure to know the depth at different trolling speeds.

We have already tested many standard lures and paravanes that works with the Replica.

Deepod Paravane

Deepod Paravane is a depth accurate paravane that can be used with any lure when trolling.

Combine the paravane with a lure and use Deepod Web to find the depth.

Deepod Web

Deepod Web is an online tool that can be used with your Deepod products.

It can be accessed via smartphone or tablet/laptop.

Deepod Web Click here


Measure calibrated temperature and light values at different depths as profiles

All profile data can be viewed and exported from Deepod Web.

Attach to Diver

Attach a Deepod to a diver to get descriptive data that can complement your instruments.

Estimate Wave Heights

Use the min and max depth high speed logging function to estimate wave height.

Min and max values are oversampled at high speed and then stored as minute or hour values.

Water Data Scanning

Combine a Deepod and the paravane to make high speed temperature and light measurements with a boat or drone.

Our paravane can be used at high speed over 4knots.

Attach to Buoys

Attach a Deepod to your floating or submerged test platform to get descriptive data that can complement your instruments.

Several Deepods can be attached at different depths to get more data from one buoy.

Measure on Submerged Chains

Attach to or release on long chains to measure angle and distribution of the chains.

Environmental Monitoring

Long term monitoring of the environment near power plats and industrial installations.

Our sensors can be active for months and automatically return to the surface after a predetermined time.

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