Deepod V1 logger is packed with features

Measure depth, temperature and light down to 50m. It also has a built-in power LED.

USB charging with a standard micro USB connector.


Measure temperature, depth, and light.

Working depth 50m.

Rechargable Battery ca 8hrs of use.

Built-in Display.

WiFi connectivity.

Take your fishing to the next level - with Deepod

By analysing water temperature, light conditions and much more you can be more successful in your fishing.

The shape has been optimised to work well with trolling.

Front Side

All sensors available on one side.

All sensors potted with epoxy for reliable operation.

Joystick with no o-rings or seals.

Charge the built-in battery with a standard micro usb cable and 5V charger.

Back Side

Built-in OLED display for configuration and status readings.

The power switch is a magnetic switch that requires no water seal and gives absolute reliability.

Connectivity with WiFi

Automatically connect to our server to easily access and view data.

Our system has been tested on all major brands like Android and Iphone.

You connect your Deepod by sharing internet connection with your smartphone.

Clear graphical overviews that are easy to use

We prepared ready-made plots so that you don't have to.

Store your data online for access at any time by anyone.

You can access data just by clicking on a map or select from a list.


Battery time: ca 8hrs

Weight in air: 34g

Weight in water: -3g

Working depth: 50m

Crush depth: >100m

Length: 87mm

Width: 32mm

Thickness (no plug): 19mm


-Depth: 0-300 m (sensor range, working depth 50m only)

-Temperature: 0 to 30 Degrees Celsius

-Light Level: 0-1800 Lux

-Wave height: 0.1 - 10.0m (based on depth)

-Acceleration: 0-4.0g

-Conductivity Level (EC1): 0-40 PSU (Coming soon)

-Conductivity Level (EC2): 250-1500 uS/cm (Coming soon)


-White power LED

-OLED Display

-LiPo rechargeble battery